New Map Library Subscription

September 12, 2008

From our email newsletter today:

Effective in October with the release of the PN-40, customers will be able to download large amounts of supplementary maps for use with Topo USA and the Earthmate GPS (all PN-20 and PN-40 models).

Every customer who purchases a PN-Series GPS receives a certificate with their Topo USA software enabling them to download and sample our various supplementary datasets. At the time of this writing, these datasets include: 7.5-minute topographic quads (available for all 50 states); aerial imagery (available in various resolutions for various U.S. locations), and NOAA nautical charts of the U.S. coastlines and Great Lakes.

After you have exhausted your sample data ($40 will be included with the PN-40), you can pay a $29.95 annual subscription for access to the full download library. All of these supplementary map types can be layered on the PN-Series GPS, allowing you to switch among data types in gaining the most comprehensive lay of the land available. You choose exactly the areas and data types you want for each geographic location. Once downloaded, they are yours to keep and use.

This new subscription plan will make it easy and cost-effective to build up your map and imagery collection.

PN-40 and PN-40se Notification Sign-Up

September 12, 2008

From our email newsletter today:

We will begin selling two new PN-Series GPS models in mid-October. The PN-40 has already been announced, but we are announcing the PN-40se – a select edition GPS to be produced in limited quantities and available exclusively direct from DeLorme.

The PN-40se is exactly the same as the PN-40 in every way except it will ship with 8-GB of internal Flash memory (versus the 1-GB on the regular model), and will retail for $499.95 as opposed to $399.95 for the regular model. Having extra internal memory will allow you to quickly transfer more detailed maps and imagery to the internal memory without needing to manage your SD cards to the extent you may be doing now with the PN-20. Both models are terrific choices and offer a fast new dual-core processor and GPS chipset.

We are anticipating very high demand and potential shortages for components for both models so we encourage you to sign up now to be notified about either or both models. We anticipate taking pre-orders in early October and will contact those people who have asked to be notified here in the order they sign up. Those at the head of the line will be contacted via email first.

[Edit -Sign-up now closed]

PN-40 Available for Pre-Order


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