Press Release: DeLorme Updates PN-Series GPS Devices

YARMOUTH, ME- DeLorme, the leader in mapping and GPS technology for serious outdoor adventures, today announced an update for its Earthmate PN-40 and PN-20 handheld GPS receivers. The update, which has been a closely guarded secret, adds the Tuppahware Detector—this trailblazing tool gives hard-core geocachers the edge they need in the field.

“Development was a two-part process. Once we created an instrument capable of sniffing out plastics, we had to fine tune it to detect only those plastics that contained geocache materials. Thankfully, we discovered that the combination of plastic containers, notebook paper, pen ink, and small children’s toys emits a very specific chemical signature,” explains Greg Wright, director of hardware development.

“While testing has shown great results, we have noted occasional false-positive readings near discount stores. To avoid the problem of hordes of geocachers stampeding stores, we’ve partnered with all the major chains. They are simultaneously releasing the Anti-Tuppahware Detector Force Field. The field will be deployed around each store. You can be comfortable knowing that if you are out geocaching you won’t inadvertently end up in a discount store.”

Product design manager Chip Noble believes the Tuppahware Detector is a huge breakthrough that will change the geocaching world. “A multi-billion dollar satellite system, millions of GPS receivers, and hundreds of thousands of geocaches hidden around the world but still we had to search for containers through the use of reasoning, sight, and instinct. Now, it’s all done for us. Technology has completed the circle. These caches practically find themselves!”

While critics of the system like to point out that not all caches are hidden in plastic containers, DeLorme feels that cache owners everywhere will be scrambling to upgrade their caches to get in on the ground floor of this innovative technology.
“Who is going to want to search out some hard-to-find ammo box, when they can let their GPS receiver display the container location directly on the screen? Searching time is reduced to practically nothing. In the field, we have found 200 caches in the time it used to take us to find 25.” said Noble. “With plastic containers and the Tuppahware Detector, it’s all fun and no work.”

“To celebrate this release we are giving away a PN-40 with Tuppahware Detector (Just pay the $499.95 shipping and handling charge). Enter your name at”

PN-40 with Tuppahware Detector

20 Responses to Press Release: DeLorme Updates PN-Series GPS Devices

  1. Nick says:

    Nice. This was an entertaining read that gave off enough air of foolishness as to be taken as fun and not misleading. Thanks.

  2. Tom McLarney says:

    What will you guys think of next.

    You have put out a great unit and still have time for the fools jokes, I don’t see anyone at Garmin having any fun.

    Delorme is #1

  3. Caleb says:

    Glad to see you guys are focusing on the potential of tupperware and not something more obvious — like, say, the Mac.

  4. corey says:

    What about the hamsters? Hamster caching is all the rage right now. I’d really like a unit that could detect the hamsters in the caches.

  5. Marky says:

    I need one that can detect nano caches. Maybe it can have a Neodymium sniffer added?

  6. Merge! says:

    They better upgrade mah current PN-Fawty! Ah wahnt mah tuppahware!

    BTW, I just met Bono, he offered me a job with U2, but I turned him down, as I have accepted a job to work with the band Phish. I will play backup vacuum.

  7. Greg S says:

    Now that’s funny.

    Now back to work on the PN-20 firmware upgrade? I hope!

  8. Shayne Lovitte says:

    I agree….back to work on the PN-20 upgrade!

  9. DeLorme says:

    Two days later and we have that for you! ;)


  10. Michael Guest says:

    I was all excited about version 2.5. In fact, I was reading it outloud to my PN40. (I sleep with it.) My dog and cat were both excited at the prospect of finding more food! When I told them that it was an April Fools joke, the dog growled, the cat hissed and both went to the kitchen dissapointed.

    Great products, great people! Happy April fool.

    Michael Guest

  11. Ken says:

    The time used to make this joke should have been spent on cache register

  12. John P. says:

    To Ken:

    Good point. I bet the entire company mobilized to write this press release. No work was done on any other product while they slaved to get out an April Fool’s joke. I’m glad guys like you are there to keep them in check.

    On a serious note – good gag, nice image! Now where’s Cache Register and my PN-20 update??!!!

  13. Ben says:

    Good stuff!

  14. bdev says:

    Very funny! Will you be working on an update for next April 1st that will track muggled Travel Bugs and Geocoins?

  15. Charles Ramsey says:

    Great! I loved it. I think that everyone needs a break………….

  16. Jim says:

    Pretty funny, especially the shipping and handling charge,,duh!!!

    In all seriousness though, I love my pn-40 that I bought myself for Christmas 2008. It has lived up to all my expectations so far.

  17. Arnold Young says:

    Oh please can I bete test one?

  18. Jason says:

    I love the new update! Makes it sooooo much easier in the field geocaching :D I can’t say enough about the PN-40…it’s a serious tool that I enjoy and have fun with. Thanks!

  19. Angel&Richie says:

    Add a metal detector and it would be purrrfect!

  20. Nick says:

    Does the PN-40 have a mode/screen that shows target coord and current corrds in numerical form???

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