A Backpacker climb, the inReach SE, & prizes!

Backpacker’s Climb for a Cause

I wanted to share some exciting details about an important event that is taking place in just a few weeks. Backpacker Magazine has organized what might be the largest mountaineering event on US soil in history! 60 Backpacker subscribers will come together to form 6 teams of climbers on a continuous expedition to the summit of Mt Whitney, which at 14,505 feet is the tallest peak in the lower 48 states. This nearly month-long event will raise close to a quarter-million dollars for Big City Mountaineers and the at-risk teens that they support.

Note: Skip to my Donation Page for Prizes, Prizes, Prizes or read on for more details!

For those of you that recall, I’ve had the good fortune to represent DeLorme on two pervious Big City Mountaineers Summit for Someone climbs (Mt Langley and the Grand Teton) and am very impressed with the work they do. This is a wonderful organization that touches the lives of urban teens by taking them on wilderness adventures and helping them build their confidence by showing them what they are capable of achieving on the mountain as well as in life.

This cause is especially important to me having grown up here in Maine with four seasons of outdoor recreation all around me and a family that worked and played in the state and national parks systems. Now I have the privilege to share this same wilderness experience with my own children, watching their confidence grow with each adventure.

Abby and Dad at the trailhead

I know that many of you reading this post have similar backgrounds and a shared passion for the outdoors. That is why it is so important for me to connect you with an organization like Big City Mountaineers so that we can all help them with their important effort to bring kids from the city to the wilderness. Keep reading to see how you can help and what cool prizes you could win in return!

The inReach SE

DeLorme is one of the primary sponsors of this Backpacker event and we will be showcasing the new inReach SE two way satellite communicator during the expedition. We are sending 25 of the climbers up the mountain with inReach SE devices to track their progress and send messages to their friends, family, and followers on Facebook and Twitter. I’m expecting the largest inReach MapShare tracking event to date!


For those of you looking for information about our new device, you can read technical details on DeLorme’s new inReach SE site. I’ve also uploaded a video for you that I created during a recent training hike. I’ve been using the inReach SE to track and message during all of my climbs this winter and have found it very convenient to use the new screen and keyboard interface when I couldn’t take my gloves off to use the touchscreen on my mobile device.

I’ll be shooting more video and sharing details about the device during my next training climb on Mt Washington, when the DeLorme Outing Club will be testing the latest version in the harsh conditions of New Hampshire’s Presidential Range.

Prizes, Prizes, Prizes!

Okay… now for the important part. Not only is DeLorme sponsoring the Climb for a Cause event with Backpacker, they have made a very generous offer to match my own fundraising up to $4,000! That means that you can help me hit my goal of $4,000 for Big City Mountaineers and DeLorme will double that to contribute a total of $8,000 to help bring a wilderness adventure to kids who might not otherwise have that experience.

Now I want to help motivate you to visit my donation page by offering an incentive… and what better incentive than prizes, prizes, and more prizes!

Here’s how it will work – I’ve put together the following list of items from DeLorme… for each $20 increment that you pledge I’ll put your name into the pool one time to have a chance to be drawn for one of the prizes. You can improve your odds by donating more to the kids that Big City Mountaineers support. Donate $100 and have your name put into the drawing five times…

The prize list:

  • 1 inReach SE – be the first to own one, right off the DeLorme Map Store shelf.
  • 1 PN-60w & inReach – handheld GPS and two-way satellite communicator.
  • 1 PN-60 – rugged handheld GPS with Topo North America desktop software.
  • 3 Topo North America – detailed topographic maps and desktop software.
  • 5 Atlas & Gazetteers – paper map books for a state of your choosing.

All totaled, that’s about $1,500 in prizes. Hopefully there’s something in the list that catches your eye and motivates you to make a donation to Big City Mountaineers!

So go to the following link and press the Donate button. It’s that easy!

Chip Noble’s Donation Page

Thank you very much for considering this and good luck with the prize drawing should you enter! I know I speak for Backpacker, Big City Mountaineers, and DeLorme when I say how much we all appreciate your support in bringing a wilderness adventure to the kids this Climb For A Cause event will serve.

Take care and see you on the trail!

Chip Noble

Abby and Dad walking on trail

3 Responses to A Backpacker climb, the inReach SE, & prizes!

  1. SteveP says:

    For those of us interested in upgrading to the SE when available, what would the process be? Can a current service subscription be transferred or would it be necessary to cancel the old service? – (assuming the intention to use just one device). Is any trade-in anticipated or would it be up to the owner to decide what to do with the old InReach? The way the service plans are set up it wouldn’t be cost-effective to keep an older unit as a spare unless the service plan could be shared between devices.

  2. DeLorme says:


    When you’re ready to upgrade, give our Customer Care team a call. They’ll be able to swap your inReach SE (You could buy one over the phone from us or pick one up in a retail/online store, then call. They key is to NOT activate the SE before calling us.) onto your current service plan for free. I’m not sure about trade-ins but definitely discuss that with them when you call.

    Phone: 800.561.5105
    International: 207.847.1165
    Hours: Mon-Fri 9:00am-8:00pm EST

    -Mike McKenney

  3. Allan Code says:

    The fatal flaw of InReach SE is that it will not provide you with GPS coordinates. What is up with that! You have to send a message and then dig into that message memory to get your coordinate. Where extreme trips benefit from having just one electrical gizmo along… this is not the device. You still have to haul and power a smartphone… even under extreme conditions? Am I missing something here? This is a very bad joke to play on public expectations with a “one device does all” presentation? This device does not perform a very basic service one might expect of a GPS communicator. It does not tell the holder where the Hell he is… for use with a good old-fashioned map.

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