Global Encounter about to summit Mt Kilimanjaro!

August 9, 2012

We’ve talked about the amazing world tour of Toby and David from Global Encounter on this blog before. They visited Base Camp at Mount Everest earlier in the year while we all followed along at their MapShare Page. Well, our self proclaimed “run-of-the-mill Texans” are at it again! Perched at 15,000 feet in elevation these world travelers are preparing to reach the summit of Mt Kilimanjaro within the next six hours!


You can follow their ongoing adventure at their website, or go directly to their Twitter Page to see all the messages they are sending to their followers using DeLorme’s inReach two-way satellite communicator. Visit their MapShare Page to send them a message and offer encouragement as they climb the remaining distance to the summit!


Good luck Toby and David, safe travels to the summit of Mt Kilimanjaro from all of us here at DeLorme!

Chip Noble
Team DeLorme

Explorer Eric Larsen – Testing inReach in Subarctic

March 28, 2012

Eric Larsen, renowned Polar Explorer, is putting the inReach through it’s paces in Churchill, Manitoba while training and testing gear for his upcoming expedition. Eric is no stranger to DeLorme products having taken a previous DeLorme satellite communicator to the summit of Mt Everest in 2009 during the final leg of his Save The Poles expedition.

Eric and his team are sharing their experiences from Churchill with blog posts and YouTube videos. You can even send them a message using their Map Share page.

Here’s a picture Eric sent us showing him corresponding with people back home using DeLorme’s inReach and Earthmate PN-60w.

You can read more about the team’s inReach experience in a blog post from Eric’s tech guru Tim Harrincar titled Tech Talk from Tim. In his post Tim explains the purpose of their trip and how they evaluate gear like the inReach and other tech products they are testing.

“One of the major goals of the trip is to field test equipment for future adventures to insure that cost-benefit of that equipment justifies its place in the kit. The “cost” of any piece of technology equipment is weight and power consumption which means asking questions like can it do the job of an alternate, heavier piece of equipment? Can it do more than one job? Can it do its job faster or easier than an alternative? Does it improve safety? Is it something new and interesting?” -Tim Harrincar

Their YouTube update, Dispatch Day 5 | Home, has a nice clip of the inReach hanging in Eric’s tent while he describes the value of the gear that he selects for his expeditions and how all of it becomes his home when he’s in the arctic.

“…you’re traveling to all these new places and every night you’re in the same place and it’s all familiar. That’s that one constant in all that chaos and that’s home… Everything is within arms reach and if we can’t reach it we don’t need it.” -Eric Larsen

While I’ve never been to a location as extreme as the arctic, I can definitely appreciate Eric’s statement about the importance of the gear you carry having packed my own home on my back before during multi-day hikes. The planning and preparation that Eric and his team put into their expeditions is truly impressive.

I encourage everyone to check out the team’s blog posts and videos to learn more about Eric Larsen’s expeditions and why he has chosen to include the inReach among the equipment keeping him connected when traveling to the far corners of the earth.

While you’re there be sure to view his location on their DeLorme inReach Map Share page and send them a message. I know that Eric will love to hear from all of you interested in his adventures!

Chip Noble
Team DeLorme

inReach Tips & Tricks

March 16, 2012

In the months since the release of the inReach two-way satellite communicator DeLorme has compiled a list of helpful notes for inReach users. I wanted to share these Tips & Tricks with everyone here. Check out the videos for more detail and feel free to request additional content, we’ll be making more videos as we go forward.

Take care,
Chip Noble

Account Setup:

  • Be sure to set up your contacts, Quick Text messages, and inReach messages before going on your first trip.
  • Don’t forget to sync your account after you make any changes to your contacts, Quick Text messages, or inReach messages. Earthmate app: Go to Menu > Sync to sync your device with  PN-60w: Click the Sync PN-60w button on
  • Be sure to send a MapShare link to friends before you start your trip so that they can see your location and send you a message from their computer while you’re on your trip.
  • Use the inReach to send friends and family a text or email message-they can reply to you while you’re out.


  • To enter pairing mode, make sure that you press and hold the Power button on the inReach until the LED changes from solid green to flashing green every 1.5 seconds and then release it. Then follow the instructions on the screen of your Android device or PN-60w.
  • If you’re having trouble pairing an Android device, use the device’s Bluetooth settings to discover the inReach and connect to it, rather than doing it from within the Earthmate app.
  • Test your device after completing the setup and pairing process by sending a message and replying to it. Visit before your trip if you have any questions about using the device.

Device Use:

  • To power on an inReach, press and hold the Power button and release it as soon as the Power LED comes on. The LED will flash once every 3 seconds during normal operation. If you hold the Power button down until the LED starts flashing every 1.5 seconds you have entered pairing mode and need to pair your device again.
  • When you start a trip, send a message or start tracking when you park your vehicle so that your family and friends know where you started. It also gives you a reference point to find your way back and lets you know your system is working.
  • Keep an eye on the status fields in the Earthmate app telling you if your inReach is unavailable, connected, or sending.
  • To increase battery performance when using your Android device, exit the Earthmate app when you are not sending a message.
  • For best battery performance when you are using the inReach in standalone mode, clear the pairing info from the inReach. To do this, enter pairing mode by holding down the Power button until the Power LED starts flashing every 1.5 seconds and then release it. When no other devices are detected your existing pairing info is cleared, preventing the inReach from continuing to search for a device. You will need to unpair your PN-60w or Android device from the inReach and then pair again to use the devices together.

Device to Device Messages with DeLorme inReach

November 15, 2011

I want to take a second to show off one of the most exciting features our new inReach device has to offer—the ability for a user to send a message with their location from their device to a friend’s device so that their friend can see exactly where they are on the map. Now granted, there are other systems out there that let you see the location of people in your party but none of them let you see people anywhere in the world! No more problems if your friend is on the back side of a ridge and no more problems if you travel too far away from each other. This two-way, global communication with the Earthmate PN-60w & inReach is all powered by the Iridium satellite network.

I’m sharing a few screenshots that illustrate the feature. While I was hunting this weekend I received a message from my dad showing where he was sitting. I was able to select the message from the conversation thread and press Enter to view the details of his message.

The details page included his speed, heading, elevation, and the time he sent the message. It also gave me options to view my dad’s location on the map or create a route to that location. I could have chosen to create a waypoint at his location too since it’s one of his favorite hunting spots!

After I chose to create a route to his location the map displayed an orange route highlight from my GPS location to the location where he sent his message. You can see the red route finish icon on top of his green message icon. The blue message icons show locations where I sent a message. If you look south of my GPS location you’ll see a second green message icon where my brother-in-law sent me a message too.

That’s the short version of how to use the location of someone who has sent you an inReach message. You can create a waypoint at their location, see them on the map, or create a route to where they are. The final screen shows all of the tracking and message information that was shared between the three of us that were out hunting. The view is from my MapShare and shows locations overlaid on aerial imagery

Feel free to post any questions you might have about the DeLorme PN-60w and inReach, and don’t forget about the blog challenge to share a picture of your camp! There’s still time left to enter and we want as many as possible to have a chance to win the Earthmate PN-60w that we are giving away!

Thank you,

Chip Noble


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