Geocaching Updates are Live!

February 13, 2009

I know there are a lot of people out there waiting for this so I’m happy to announce that two of our geocaching updates are available!

DeLorme’s Send to GPS plug-in is available at, just visit their site and click on the Send to GPS button to transfer your geocache to the Earthmate PN-40 or PN-20. Note that the first time you try this you will be sent to our site to download the plug-in… just follow the setup instructions and soon you’ll be seeing a screen like the one below!

Send to GPS

We’ve also released a public beta version of our firmware update for the PN-40… please go to the following link to download this update.

You’ll find instructions for updating your device as well as a list of all the improvements we’ve included.

New with this release… a Mac version of the firmware package! We’re very pleased to have a geocaching solution for all those Mac users out there that have been asking for support.

Mac Firmware Update

Our team is now focusing on the Cache Register widget for the Mac and PC. We’ve been working closely with Groundspeak on this and will be posting more information about this effort on our forums.

Thank you all for your patience while these projects were in development, I’m sure that you will all find it was worth the wait!

Chip Noble


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