PN-40 at Outdoor Retailer Show


The DeLorme sales team was at the 2008 Outdoor Retailer (OR) Summer Market Show this past week. Tom, Jim, Dave, and I enjoyed 6 great days out in Salt Lake City. We had excellent weather and made the best of  it by getting out for a few mountain bike rides in the Park City area . (See my crash video below!)   
The show itself has 2 days of the Open Air Demo at Pineview Reservoir in Ogden, UT, about an hour north of SLC. The focus there is on the paddlesports vendors, but it?s a great opportunity to play with GPS devices, seeing as how the rest of the show is held indoors at the Salt Palace. Lots of people came to the DeLorme booth, undoubtedly drawn in by our ‘Serious Tool’  t -shirts and stickers, and all were excited to get a chance to see the PN-40 in action.
Back at the Salt Palace for the second half of the show we made a bit of a splash with a presentation at our booth on Saturday by polar explorer John Huston, who has been a fan of the PN-20 and will be taking the PN-40 with him on his next expedition to the North Pole in March of ?09. He and his partner Tyler Fish will be attempting to be the first Americans to reach the pole unsupported, using skis as form of transport. More on John and the expedition at
Overall the show was a great time and a great success for DeLorme. 

2 Comments on “PN-40 at Outdoor Retailer Show

  1. Any crash that doesn’t result in titanium implants . . . is a good crash!

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