DeLorme Earthmate PN-40 in action!

Okay folks, I’ve gotten lots of requests and a few taunts from people looking to see the Earthmate PN-40 in action… “Show us the maps,” “Is it really that fast,” “How’s the tri-axial compass compare,”… well, I kept writing replies trying to describe the new device and I realized that a picture’s worth a thousand words and a video is priceless!

Here you go; I’ve attached links to three videos I put together while playing hooky from work the other day.

DISCLAIMER: The following videos were not produced by our marketing group, I just wanted to share some pre-release info… DeLorme will not be held liable if my shaky-cam filming makes you sea-sick or my narration puts you to sleep. Please use caution while viewing these clips!

The first video was taken at our camp; it shows color aerial imagery and USGS quad data, two of the many datasets that can be viewed with the PN-Series devices.

DeLorme Earthmate PN-40

The second video is a quick clip of our new Hybrid Map view that is available with the PN-Series and Topo USA, it also does a nice job of showing the fast map redraws.

DeLorme Earthmate PN-40 Hybrid Map

The third video is a collection of clips from our geocaching hunt… I led my family on a five cache trip and talked a little about the new tri-axial compass and the DeLorme MapLibrary annual subscription.

DeLorme Earthmate PN-40 Geocaching

Check back often, I’m planning a few other video clips to show off the performance of the Earthmate PN-40.


20 Comments on “DeLorme Earthmate PN-40 in action!

  1. Great idea! Where do you find the time? (rhetorical – as you shouldn’t spend the time to reply — get back to work!)

    Couldn’t resist a peak, even tho I have one alongside me … Nice camp, stream and videos.

    My brother who is a falconer has a Britteny that flushes for him. That dog wide ranges, you’ve given me the idea of putting a GPS on him (the dog wears a vest to keep the barb wire from tearing up his belly) just to see his tracks. This won’t happen any time soon as he lives in northern Utah far from me. Enjoyed it. – tom

  2. Tom’s right! What is it about having one next to you that does not inhibit your desire to look! Maybe it’s the curiosity – can they *all* be as good as the beta you’re working with? Are we hoping for a CSI moment where we capture a still frame from the shaky video, then zoom in on the face of the PN-40 and ask the tech “Hey, can you cancel the background image moire patterns while enhancing the facial fragment, readjust the knister valve, then fine tune the fractal pictalization to determine the color of Chip’s eyes?”

    Or maybe we just want to see Chip’s dog…

  3. Nice vids. I love the idea of $30/annual subscription for aerial imagery, makes that much more useful for how I’d use the unit.

    Will there be a way for us to see available coverage before subscribing?

    So the company name is not pronounced ‘de-lor-may’?

  4. Our NetLink tab delivers the functionality needed to select a coverage area and add it to your cart for download. The coverage areas are available prior to purchase of the subscription.

    You were close with the company name… just drop the “ay”… sort of like “dlorm”…

    Thanks for leaving a comment!

    Chip Noble

  5. Chip –

    Thank you for the great info on the upcoming release of the PN-40. Very exciting and I can’t wait to get a hold of one. I do believe it will be well received with the clients I work with in the Forestry world. Your YouTube videos are helpful. I do believe it would be nice to see (and perhaps fun to do) a “stress test” video on the PN-40, similar to what can be found for the Trimble Nomad here:

    I think you’ve come up with a great product, always room for improvements though. Perhaps for the PN-60 add a “touch screen”, provide for a “data catalog” to feed XMap, and add post processing differential corrections. No other unit would come close.

    Thanks again for your communications.

  6. Nice video… I’ve got a bunch of footage from a rafting trip that I have to put together. We’ve done many of the tests that were shown here. John Huston, polar explorer, is taking the PN-40 to the North Pole so we have an expanded set of tests that we run… Being in Maine in the summer required us to use dry ice to reach our published cold benchmark. Testers said that the rubber of the buttons actually froze even though the device kept working. They had to wait for it to warm up before the buttons would let them change pages. Funny thing is that John and others who actually travel in the extreme cold keep their electronics close to their bodies so they stay warm. Still good to know it was tested!

    The heat test was conducted by a few extreme beta testers that put themselves in harms way to drive around without the AC while the device cooked on the dash in the deserts of AZ. We also had a developer use his oven and a heat sensor to bring the device up to the published hot benchmark.

    Our drop tests usually happen during real world use… my toughest was a fumble onto the edge of the door frame of my car and then onto the pavement at work. We added capacitors to the PN-20 to provide power during possible battery interrupt when the device impacted sharply. Others in the building are much less forgiving with their drop tests. I will point out that while the device continues to function, if you throw your PN on the pavement your plastics and buttons might scratch and not look pretty anymore. The developers know who I’m talking to! At times like that I’m thankful for the recessed screen.

    The underwater test… well, our device floats with our rechargeable battery. Still, if we had alkalines it would sink but we are IPX7 certified so it would continue to work at up to 3 feet for 30 minutes.

    What else was neat? I’m guessing if you turned our device on and buried it in the flower garden we’d be okay… might press a few buttons when you stepped on it, but we’re trying to balance between preventing accidental button presses and making it easy to use the device with a gloved hand. I’m more interested in seeing how it handles being thrown down in a pack. I know I carry mine in my backpack to and from work and it takes a beating without much fuss.

    Good request for video though… I’ve been swamped with the last stages of design but promise some videos to show off the device when I have a chance. Thanks for the comment and the link!

    Chip Noble

  7. Does the PN-40 have the ability to allow the user to enter a Lat/Long Waypoint and then
    navigate to it?
    I know you can enter a point from the map, but I’d like to type it in (a plus would be to
    allow the type in waypoint to be specified in lat/long, UTM, … that is to be able to spec.
    the datum and the coord.s

  8. Can’t answer that Jay, tho’ the lat/lon do show up as you point on the map, so you know where you are pointing.

    I just have to say as a tester that this is everything I’ve been wanting my gps to do. For me, it’s about layering stuff. To have COLOR! imagery (now unlimited with annual cheap subscription) with the roads showing thru in hybrid view, the built-in Topo software so that you need no other maps if you don’t want, USGS maps, nautical charts…it’s pretty amazing. And to say that working with DeLorme is second to none in service, care, and listening to customers completes the package.

  9. Answers…

    Jay Beck: The PN-Series devices absolutely allow you to search for a coordinate and route to it… or view it, or create a waypoint at that location. You can also change your coordinates and datum in the Device Setup before doing your search if you need to switch between Lat/Lon and UTM… WGS84 or NAD27. Coordinates are one of the Find options.

    Chip Noble

  10. Does the pn-40 eat batteries given the new features? On extended trips batteries are the logistical weakness of the pn-20. Until Delorme can design a hand crank power alternative like the shortwave radios, batteries continue to be the Achilles heel.

  11. Larry: We’ve made many improvements to the power management in the PN-40 and are happy to see test results showing better performance than the PN-20 even with the new dual core process, electronic compass, barometric altimeter, and accelerometer.

    I don’t have final numbers yet but I used the PN-40 to map trails for a geocaching event on Saturday and then used it today for an upland bird hunting trial… one set of alkalines for around six hours of use and the battery guage is reading 70%. We’ll post a final statistic when the testing is finished.

    Chip Noble

  12. Will there be a good reason the buy a PN-40se to get the extra 7 GD of ram as opposed to buying the PN-40 and adding a large SD card? Are maps stored only internally? How does that work? Thanks.

  13. Larry Frazier: This could be a first for me… a tripple link score; sounds like something out of a Scrabble game… I first ran into the “Why the PN-40 se” question on’s forum where I replied with details of how I currently use the available map space on my 1 GB model. I explained how I plan to use my se model with my 8 GB SD card to optimize my device for all the Topo USA, USGS, and High Resolution Aerial Images I want for the state of Maine. The question popped up on our own forum shortly after that so I copied my original post there and included more details. This is the third place so I will include links to the other two so that people can see all the additional comments from people trying to work through how they might use the internal and SD card memory of a 1 GB PN-40 or an 8 GB PN-40se. I hope it helps you consider the two devices!

    Found one more!

    Thanks for the comment.

    Chip Noble

  14. Does the speed of the SD card make any difference, or can even a slow card provide the data as fast as the processor can handle it? (Circuit City has 8GB Sandisk SD cards on sale for $29.99 this week, but they’re not even the Ultra II, let alone Extreme III).

  15. Will the PN-40 be available at retailers soon after release, or will it be available exclusively at for a period of time? I’m anxious to get one, but I have $190 of “Cabela’s Cash” that expires at the end of the year that I would like to use toward the purchase of a PN-40.

  16. John Shapland: Good question, I’m going to infer that the speed of the card does make a difference. In a recent project meeting the internal vs external memory discussion came up and one of our engineers said there was only a slight advantage to the internal memory over the SD card when using a high speed card. I can get more details on your specific question though. I personally have had a lot of success with the SanDisc 8GB Ultra II with a 15 MB/s read rate (printed on card, 10 MB/s minimum advertised on their site). The standard SanDisc is Class 2 meaning 2 MB/s and the Extreme III lists 20 MB/s. I haven’t tried the standard or the Extreme…

    Check out our forums for more info on this topic, our users have shared lots of information on SD cards, batteries, and other accessories.

    We are releasing to retail at the same time as direct. Cabela’s is one of our best stores. I don’t know exactly when they are going to get the devices but I know its well before the end of the year. Sounds like a great use of your “Cabela’s Cash!” Keep an eye on our blog for more info on when the devices will ship.

    Thanks for the comments,

    Chip Noble

  17. can u project a waypoint with the pn-40 then nav to it. i am trying to decided between this one and the garmin gpsmap 60csx.

  18. tom weiss – for a lot cheaper, and smaller for fitting to a dog, get the “CatTracker” by the same fella that sells the fun CatCam. Do an online search for “Mr Lee” and “CatCam” then look in his site for the CatTracker. I have one and it works great.

    CatTracker is a tiny gps unit with no screen that captures gps coordinates that you download to a PC via usb. You set how often to do the capture via button pushes. The lightweight, waterproof, tiny device (smaller than a matchbox) attaches to the pet (they provide a cat harness) or backpack and records the gps coordinates until the battery runs out (over 8 hours, I think) or you turn it off. Recharge the internal, non-replaceable battery via usb as well as download the data. It holds thousands of track points. I’ve used it for many different applications including seeing where my cat wanders off to when outside. Very interesting.

    The CatCam would give you even more information about what your dog is experiencing. You insert the AAA battery, then hang the tiny camera from your pet’s collar, and it takes a photo every x (you set). This too is grand fun and runs until the battery gives out (over 8 hours!). It comes with a box with the camera in it and you hang the whole thing from your cat. It’s not waterproof so be careful or be creative about making it waterproof. You can set it to take close up or far away pics. I found it interesting to see how much time my cat spends hanging around under our car watching the neighborhood. He is also friendly with many other cats.

    Anyways, I’d highly recommend you do that rather than attach a $300+ device to your dog. CatTracker is, uh, maybe $70? It’s been a while but I’m sure it’s well under $100. Have fun!

    PS. I LOVE my PN-40. Recently took it to Death Valley for its maiden big trip. We had a blast with it. Did quite well in some narrow hiking canyons (ex Golden Canyon/Gower Gulch loop)… it lost the signal a few times but I think it was because it fell off the perch on the top of my pack while we were in a skinny, deep canyon. I recommend if you are going into narrow canyons that you rig up some way to attach it to the top of your pack so it’s well exposed under those difficult circumstances. Only little snippets were not recorded so I felt like we got a vast majority of our deep canyon hikes were well documented.

  19. Thank you very much! I was looking forever for directions on how to enter coordinates directly into the PN-40. Thanks again.

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