Firmware Updates…

There have been a few questions about our recent PN Pro firmware update, version 2.7. This update is intended for our professional XMap GIS users. It offers support for custom forms created in XMap that can be used to gather data in the field. Along with custom forms, the 2.7 firmware delivers the ability to save and open waypoints stored as GPX files on the SD card. The PN Pro user will also be able to save tracks to the SD card.

Storing waypoints and tracks on the SD card has caught the attention of many PN-40 owners who use Topo USA. I am writing this post to let all of you know that we are going to release a version 2.8 firmware update that delivers this same waypoint and track support on the SD card, as well as support for geocaches. You will be able to copy GPX files containing waypoints or tracks from Topo USA to your SD card and open them while you are out on the trail. You will also be able to save newly created waypoints and tracks while you’re out, for use later with the device or with your desktop software.

There is still a 1,000 waypoint or geocache limit for each GPX file and a track is still limited to 10,000 points with one active and one viewed; however, the size of the SD card you’re using is the only restriction for the number of files you can take with you! I’ve loaded every important waypoint and track file I’ve created over the years and have been thrilled with the ability to switch between Trek Across Maine cycling locations and Moosehead Lake upland spots. I’ve added waypoints to several different files during the same outing and have really enjoyed the added organization provided by separate files.

UPDATE: Please note that the following description references the standard attributes of a geocache. DeLorme does not support the Extended Attributes available in the 1.01 GPX format revision at this time. We are aware of the desire to identify caches with parking available or caches that are kid friendly and have added this to our customer feature request list.

So for those of you looking at the 2.7 firmware update, keep in mind that we did not deliver support for the GPX attributes or the ability to open a track file that has been saved to the SD card. These features will be made available with the 2.8 firmware update that is expected to release in the Spring. If you are interested in seeing waypoint support on the SD card before then, the 2.7 firmware can be used with Topo USA, even with geocaching pocket queries, so long as you import them into Topo USA then export the GPX file from the Draw tab and transfer it to the PN. This puts the geocache point in the correct format for the pre-2.8 firmware to recognize.

I hope this helps clarify the firmware schedule for PN owners with Topo USA now that the PN-Pro firmware update has been released. Please let us know if you have any questions.

Chip Noble
Team DeLorme

12 Comments on “Firmware Updates…

  1. If you save a track as a GPX file to the SD card will all the tracks be visiable or will you have to open individual tracks for it to be visiable?(example if you saved 10 tracks as a GPX file to the SD card will all 10 tracks be visiable at the same time)

    I do tons of tracking of old roads, and etc., and have to download tracks to Topo8.0, convert it to a draw layer, build a map package that contains the track, and then send this map package to the PN.

    It would be great,very, very great if you can just save the track to the SD card as a GPX file, and all your tracks be visiable, rather than having to open individual tracks

  2. Sorry Troy Garner, we’ve designed the system so that tracks are more for showing you how to get from your destination back to your starting point then for mapping out new line features. The tracks can contain a very large number of points so we’ve restricted how many you can see on the device at one time. We’ve created a “Follow” option so that you can get a route back to the beginning of your track and we’ve given the ability to view one of the saved tracks on the map but we haven’t provided the ability to load many different tracks at the same time. The process you’ve described is best for creating your own vector maps. Generate the track files in the field and then make your own draw layer with the tracks you want to see at all times. You’ll be able to save as many tracks to the SD card as you like but you will only be able to view the active track and one of your saved tracks at the same time. We’ll keep your request in mind as we move forward. Thank you for taking the time to post your comment.

    Chip Noble
    Team DeLorme

  3. Glad to see these features finaly get here. Been waiting for then since the 20 came out. Thanks Delormes, good job.

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  5. For many reasons I have been looking forward to Spring. The 2.8 update is just one of them. We are getting close to Spring, any update on a timeline for 2.8?

  6. The 2.8 firmware update will be available with Topo North America 9.0 which will be released the same time as the PN-60. We are planning a June release for everything so keep an eye out for more details as that date approaches. -Chip

  7. I just bought a PN 30, but all I see here is for 20, 40, and now I read about a 60 coming out. Have I missed the boat by getting the 30? I thought the 30 would be plenty for me and the “get me back to the barn” primary uses, and where did I find that rock. Thanks, Tim

  8. I reread the blog. I misread the section on waypoints on the sd card. I looks like they ARE available with the 2.7 which is what I wanted as we are driving about 600 miles next month and I want to load all my geocaching gpx files for the trip. Looks like I will go through the draw feature on Topo 8. Sounds like a project for tonight. Thanks Chip and the Delorme crew.

  9. The PN-30 is a very good unit, it’s actually the same as the PN-40 only it doesn’t have the digital compass or barometric altimeter. Unfortunately I have a bad habit of grouping the PN-30 and PN-40 together when I describe upcoming work. The 2.8 firmware release that will ship with Topo North America 9.0 is compatible with the PN-30 and the PN-40. You’ll be able to get all the feature improvements described here for the PN-40. Please take a look at our forum if you have any more questions about the firmware updates. -Chip

  10. Glad you caught that, the 2.7 firmware does support multiple GPX files on the SD card. We’re working on some great updates so be sure to pick up Topo North America 9.0 and the 2.8 firmware update. -Chip

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