DeLorme inReach: Question and Answer…

We’ve had a great response to our blog post announcing the DeLorme inReach. I’ve been trying to answer all the questions in the comments area but thought I’d organize those responses so that readers don’t need to sort through such a long list of exchanges. Thank you all for your questions, please read through the information in this follow-up post and feel free to comment with any additional questions you might have!

Sales related information…

  • The inReach is scheduled for release to retail in October, selling for around $250.
  • There will be three tracking and messaging plans starting with the Safety Plan for $9.95 per month. Additional Recreation and Pro plans increase in price and deliver larger volumes of tracking and messaging units.
  • All plans require a one year contract. Users will be able to move between the plans to accommodate changes in use. Recreation Plan users in the summer could drop back to the Safety Plan in the winter to reduce their monthly subscription fee.
  • “Pay as you go” options are available for users that prefer the low monthly cost of the Safety Plan and the ability to pay for any tracking or messaging units that go over the monthly allocation for the Safety Plan.
  • I will not be able to share more details on plan pricing or tracking and messaging units until all of the billing details have been finalized. As soon as they are square I’ll share them here.

Physical attributes of the device…

  • Device dimensions are as follows: height: 3.36 inches not including antenna, 4.78 inches including antenna, width: 2.85 inches, depth: 1.73 inches.
  • The device meets IPX7 waterproofing standards and it floats. It will have a lanyard attachment point just in case you try to drop it overboard.
  • The SOS locking mechanism was designed to comply with the RTCM SC-128 standard for SENDs supporting one handed, gloved operation.
  • We are supporting alkaline, lithium, and NiMH AA batteries although we recommend the Energizer eLithium batteries for longest performance.
  • Additional battery testing is underway but early results have shown the ability to send messages for up to seven days, very good results for search and rescue.
  • The inReach has been designed for optional battery pack and external power configurations should the market show interest in that kind of accessory.

Device interaction…

  • The inReach will report speed, heading, and elevation with each track or message that it transmits allowing message recipients and website viewers to learn more about users’ movements then just what is described in the message text.
  • inReach users will be able to send/receive messages to/from other inReach users anywhere in the world. Send a message telling your hunting partner that it’s time to head home even when you are many miles away from each other.
  • Tracking intervals can go as high as a message every 2 minutes and as low as a message every 4 hours.

Operating system support…

  • Initial hardware and software development has been for the PN-60w and Android operating systems however we are very interested in other platforms like iOS, Windows Phone 7, and Blackberry.
  • DeLorme has not taken an anti-Apple position, being a smaller company we’ve needed to focus our development efforts on a single platform for our initial release.
  • We are capturing all of the feedback from users commenting on this blog and in our forums to build the business cases for where we will go from here.

Android application details…

  • The Android application will be available for free through the Google Marketplace.
  • Users who purchase the inReach device will receive the current DeLorme Topographic maps for free.
  • Android application downloaders will be able to purchase the DeLorme Topographic download by region at a low cost and get the same high detail data used on the DeLorme Earthmate PN-series devices.
  • We are working to bring the same additional map types found in our DeLorme Map Library to the Android application, stay tuned for more details as that effort progresses.
  • We also hope to bring the DeLorme world map and world aerial imagery to the Android application as they are currently available on the PN-series devices.

PN-60w details…

  • The Earthmate PN-60w will support the inReach device allowing two-way communications in addition to all the standard PN-series features.


  • A firmware update supporting the new inReach functionality will be made available at the time of the inReach launch.

DeLorme inReach news and other announcements…

  • Updates about the inReach product will appear on the DeLorme Blog as we move through the development cycle and approach our release date.
  • Subscribe to the DeLorme Blog or DeLorme Twitter feed to get notifications when new information is made available.

Again, thank you all for your great feedback on the new DeLorme inReach. We’ll be processing all the comments and incorporating your ideas into the final product as we work our way through the development process. Stay tuned for more details as the project unfolds!

Chip Noble
UI Design

109 Comments on “DeLorme inReach: Question and Answer…

  1. Thanks for summing up, Chip. There was a lot of good information in the previous comments that you’ve summed up here.

    In a discussion elsewhere, a question came up regarding the onboard GPS capabilities of the inReach. Does it function similar to the SPOT Communicator in that it can locate and transmit position etc. on its own (i.e., function independently)? But when paired with a PN-60w or Android device it will use the GPS data of the paired device?

  2. Good question Embra. The device does have a built-in GPS with a patch antenna for use in standalone mode. Current testing is returning great results that should put it on par if not ahead of our previous releases. When paired with the PN-60w the GPS location will come from the handheld, not from the inReach. When paired with the Android the user will have the option to use the GPS information from the inReach or from the phone’s GPS or wireless networks. We believe the inReach will offer better GPS accuracy and much better battery performance than most cell phone GPS systems. We’ll learn more about this during testing when we balance out the potential increase in power from the Bluetooth connection to the inReach with the reduction in not needing to power the phone’s location tools.

    Chip Noble
    UI Design

  3. “The inReach has been designed for optional battery pack and external power configurations should the market show interest in that kind of accessory.”

    Very much interested. The vehicle dependent overland/expedition segment will likely be interested in psuedo-hard mounting the unit and wiring it in to chassis electrical. Possibly a USB mini / micro? Any chance of a “charge internal batteries while on external power” function?

    Additionally if it is a USB variant, will it have a standard interface as well so it can be linked to a laptop like other GPS units? NMEA perhaps?

  4. When (if) this device has a supporting iOS app, I’ll be over it. However, judging from what I’ve read, it looks like any iOS support is at the bottom of the to-do list-disappointing.

  5. Mike: We haven’t done the design work for the accessories yet, we’ve just made sure the system is flexible. I’ll keep your suggestion in mind when we sit down to talk about additional features like external power. I see the value of being able to charge while plugged in but run off batteries when outside the vehicle. Good suggestion!

    Arac Takip: The DeLorme inReach does provide real-time tracking for people monitoring the device on the internet. I’m guessing that is what you mean by “active-GPS”. You’ll have to post more details if I missed the mark with my reply.

    Bill: Thank you for the iOS vote, I’ll add it to the list!

    Chip Noble
    UI Design

  6. Hope you guys choose to have a open API. It would be nice to integrate it into my weather based GIS system I designed. If there was a way to get the latest report by device ID and show lat, long, time, alt. from a HTTP post in some type of CSV or some other GIS / GPS format that would be nice.

  7. iOS is a must. With Bluetooth, you open up a whole market of folks who don’t use smartphones but have an iPad or iPod Touch. Like me, for instance.

    I’m probably going to be among the first buyers anyway, but iOS support would make it irresistible…

  8. What geographic area(s) will you cover? North America only, or broader?

  9. I would buy this in a sec if it supported IOS

  10. Chip, thanks for your detailed post and responses to all comments. I want to track our employees travelling to high risk regions. Will I have access to a web-based mapping application where I can view all my employees that have an inReach? Can I contact them via text messages from this application? and can they respond to me? You’ve already mentioned that they can text each other, which is great. Also can Panic SOS alerts be forwarded to my cell phone and email address?

    Thanks. Look forward to your response.

  11. Chip, regarding your comment about Android map support by: “purchase the DeLorme Topographic download by region”. Does this mean that there will be no link between the Android app, and Topo9 on the desktop? (In other words, other than the InReach device, and the App, there would be no reason to have a PN-60, or Topo9 for this?)

    I’m kind of disapointed, as I’d love to have my maps cuttable for the Android OS to be able to have other imagery (USGS Topo, etc.) displayed on my phone.

  12. Our group of long distance cross-country paraglider pilots currently uses Android apps and SPOT messengers for backcountry safety, retrieval after landing, and emergency response in some of the most remote areas of Northern California. We’d be happy to beta test the inReach in this real-world setting and communicate the results to DeLorme and/or the satellite messenger intensive user group of glider pilots.

  13. Chip

    Looks like an excellent product.

    I run an international private security/risk management Network with direct links to Martime Security (amongst others). Very keen to have a chat about marketing this product to this sector as I think it will be of huge interest.

    Thanks. Look forward to hearing from you.

  14. This looks like an interesting alternative to the full sized and quite heavy sat phone that many Scout groups are carrying for weather updates/emergency purposes.

    If DeLorme could license the POI database and trails in Canada that Backroads is using this would be a must have for most of our groups here.

  15. Though this is more expensive than the Spot brand messenger, its greater usefulness is worth it. Now you just need to provide an iOS application and I think I’ll be sold.

  16. Well done! I am planning on crossing the atlantic on sailboat within a few years, and this would definately take the edge off that 25-day radio silence. But yes, iOS is a must. I’d love to see this together with the iPad.

  17. How much will this device weigh with eLithium batteries?

    Total device weight is quite important to many user communities, including backpacking and bicycling.

  18. I’m not sure I understand the business case for focusing your development efforts on an operating system with 19.9% market share versus iOS’s 68.7%.

    Regardless, this looks like a promising product, and I’m certainly interested, so please add another vote for the iOS!🙂

  19. Hi Chip,, Will it be possible to replace batteries in the field for the InReach and PN-60w and have them just restart where they left off?
    I also agree with Andrew’s post above about getting licensing for more detailed topo’s of Canada, and I’ll throw in Mexico and S. America as well.
    And for everyone still whining about how they want it to be IOS or Ipad compat. and whatever else. Grow-up, it’s a new product and will take some time to reach everyones expectations. It’s just really annoying to see that crap every 2nd or 3rd post.

  20. Chris Brizendine: Thanks for the suggestion. We’ve had a few requests for API support. Our development group is aware of the desire.

    Chuck Brand: Glad to hear you’re interested in the inReach. There’s a lot of interest in the blog feedback right now. There’s definitely been a strong push for iOS support expressed here in the blog.

    Michael Jordan: The inReach device will work anywhere in the world. As for our mapping, we also have a world map with topographic data and major roads for the world. Combining this with our Digital Globe subscription for aerial imagery should give you a very good international solution.

    SMF: Our inReach device integrates with a website that will allow you to view all of your employees. You’ll be able to contact them via text message and they will be able to reply to you. With the professional version of our system you’ll also be able to redirect emergency messages to any contact that you specify. I’m pretty sure that our professional team has already seen your post but please contact me if you’d like further information from them and I’ll put you in touch.

    Foxtrot_xray: There won’t be any syncing between the android and Topo but you will be able to load your Topo maps onto the android device. I think that’s what your question is related to but please clarify. You can load your aerial and 3DTQ maps onto the android device.

    Scott Harding: Thanks for your interest in the inReach. We’ve had a great response from the soaring community. While we already have representation from your community in the beta program I’d encourage you to fill out an application on the forum for the next beta program.

    Andy Thompson: I think you’ve already made contact inside the building but let me know if I can still be of assistance.

    Andrew Wallwork: Thanks for the link, we’ll check that out!

    Dennis Tindra Gustafsson: Sailing across the Atlantic is quite an undertaking! I think the inReach would be the perfect device for giving you peace of mind when you’re out of cell or radio range. Looks like you’ve got some time to see how the release goes, kick the tires, try it out. Good luck with your planning!

    Rocky: Great question! Device weight is definitely important for backpacking and cycling. I’ll have to get that value from development. I can tell you that I’ve been cycling with a prototype unit and am comfortable with the weight. I’ll backpack with the device too. The benefits of two-way communication in the areas I travel far outweigh the ounces the device will add to my gear. I’ll get you a value though… I know how it can be when you’re weighing all the gear you’ll be carrying!

    Going back to school: Thanks for adding your vote to the iOS support pool.

    Gregg: It will be possible to replace batteries in the field. It’s possible to order things so that transmitting isn’t interrupted but it’s also very easy to start and stop the different message modes. Our world map data is available for Mexico and South America. We also support the Digital Globe aerial imagery for international travel. The Topo North America dataset covers Canada along with the Canadian topographic quad sheet and Digital Globe imagery.

    Thank you all again for your great comments.

    Chip Noble
    UI Design

  21. Chip

    No contact made yet, no. Who do I need to speak with – can you provide a point of contact? Many thanks


  22. Great info, thanks.
    I read that the max frequency for tracking is once every 2 minutes.
    Do you plan to offer a more expensive plan that would increase this to 1/min or even less?
    We are working in the sail race tracking industry and that would be extremely useful to have a pay per use plan with higher refresh rates.

  23. Will the inReach device be able to connect to either a smartphone or the PN-60w – or will it be configured for just one type device upon purchase?

    Does the inReach send messages in a fire and forget type arrangement like SPOT, or does it send until acknowledged by the constellation?

    I work for a company with a large vehicle fleet (300+ pieces), and the idea of external power to the device would be great for fixed mobile apps. We are disappointed with our current tracking provider because of battery issues and coverage.

    Another vote for iOS in the iPad configuration!

  24. Going back to school: I don’t know where your numbers come from. Android is now the leading smartphone OS. Mobilens shows 38% to 26% edge for Android and the numbers continue to grow. Love to see and IOS version, but Android is on hundreds of different handset models that are currently used as primary camera/GPS/MP3 units in the wilds. Been using mine out there for 2 years now. I have never seen an Iphone get whipped out for a fix at 14,000 feet. Hope that changes soon.

    I am very excited to see this device come to fruition. Replaceable batteries and the use of NIMH is key here. Many of us use Solar exclusively in the wilds to charge NIMH cells.

    I have a solution to the weather update thing: train your wife to check the weather every night and send a quick forecast! Thanks again DeLorme!

  25. i am trying to contact someone at Delorme in order to become a reseller in Israel but no one replied to my emails.

  26. This product looks great, I for one want this kind of device for aircraft use … it is difficult to get generalized (phone, SMS, email) messages in/out of our SAR aircraft even over populated areas, much less so in remote areas where our work is more common. Also thumbs up for Android support. While there’s a lot of iOS in the in-flight aviation realm, Android not only is a larger market share, but also allows us to purchase any number of Android devices instead of being locked into one pricing and hardware scheme. Pricepoint and feature set looks great. I will definitely buy this device as soon as it is available.

  27. Will there be a Ram mount available when it is released?

  28. I’m an Apple guy too – I’ll buy when it’s IOS compatible. A number of questions –

    1)What makes this preferable over the SPOT?

    2)What advantage is there to linking with with the PN-60w if the InReach has a GPS?

    3)Will a PN-60 work, or do we need the PN-60w linking

  29. Sorry about #3 above; I see now we will need the 60w.

    4) Can, or will, the PN-60w be available for purchase w/o the accompanying SPOT? What will the price of the 60w be when purchased either singly or paired with the InReach?

    Thank you

  30. Dear Chip,

    I’m happy to see something like the InReach!

    The setup InReach + Android pretty is pretty much analogue to what I’m doing since the beginning of the year – coupling a very good Bluetooth-enabled GPS (the LocoSys BGT-31) to my Android (Nexus S).

    Why, you may ask, when I own two(!) Garmins?

    1. I already have a smartphone with a 480×800 pixel screen which is gorgeaus. Why buy and bother with a GPS with 240×320 pixels?

    2. No topographical maps produced by GPS makers so far were good enough for me. I need 25.000 topographical maps, and good ones (I’m living in the Italian Apennines: there are simply no tracks or sign posts, and the terrain is difficult. Altitudes are up to 8.000 feet, we have ice and snow until May)

    3. Instead, there are several quite good Android programs which each all cover part of what’s necessary for me: BackCountry Navigator has 25.000 topographical maps, Androzic imports old OZI maps, and so on.

    4. The combo BT-GPS plus Android assures perfect logging and battery saving and (nearly) perfect maps on a large screen with (another plus) easy waypoint control.

    To sum it up: Smartphones are perfect miniaturized computer platforms with gorgeous large screens, whcih should be used as such. The GPS unit instead should be rugged, with long battery life for logging, and Bluetooth (or ANT) communication. If they also deliver satellite two-way communication it’s a win-win!

    Sorry for the long post … but I like your system!

  31. This looks very interesting! Question: will the Android app run on a tablet, or is the Smart Phone the only platform that can talk to the InReach?

  32. I would immediately buy 2 if they could work with an iPhone.

  33. As a yacht delivery skipper ( I am very interested in this device. I believe it will work on the SPOT network, but this is not a complete global network. Is this correct?

  34. I read about chances that you might implement a REST API so a user could access his tracking data via Webservice. Any progress on that? If that would not be available a RSS/XML Feed or anything to grab my gps coordinates is?


  35. what is the expected battery life with lithiums if tracking every two minutes?…

  36. Would be interested if there is IOS support. Really don’t understand the lack of support.

  37. I assume the device polls for incoming messages? Or does it receive them real-time using technology similar to the 9501? Is the building penetration as good as the 9501? (It is pretty darn good, i.e. compared to the 9555.)

    Assuming the building penetration and/or latency are worse than the 9501, really what this needs to be is a device that gets “first alert” of an incoming message via the paging channel (with MDA set automatically, of course… ala “follow me paging”), and then potentially error corrects the message later using the reliable transport mechanism.

  38. if using the PN-60W with a connect, when the inreach comes out will you be able to use both devices with the PN-60w or will the connect go inactive?

  39. Calvin,

    The PN-60w will continue to work with the SPOT Communicator, as well as the inReach. However, they can’t be used at the exact same time as the wireless antenna can only connect to one at a time.

  40. Michael,

    The app will run on Android tablets. However, we’re optimizing the experience for phones or similar sized devices. When we release the inReach and the Earthmate app, we’ll have more information on tablet support.

  41. I own the Spot and have been reasonably happy with it, but I would change in a heartbeat for two-way messaging on my IPhone. As soon as the IPhone app is released I’ll be a purchaser. Two-way satilite texting is the holy grail!

  42. Thanks for your answer about the tablet. My application involves tracking offshore races and uses about 50-100 units. Two additional questions:

    1. Will these units continue to transmit at selected intervals, or must these be be re-triggered every 24 hours like the SPOT?

    2. How will the data be available to user applications? Our organization uses OpenLayers, and we can extract positions from email, XML, or JSON, but we are adaptable…

  43. If you get this onto the iPhone we’ll be ecstatic and will want to connect with you to find a way to incorporate this into our forthcoming cruise ship app. Huge potential here on many fronts.

  44. Hello will i be able to use the inreach in New Zealand/have an account with a non us credit card ?



  45. Does the InReach come with 802.15.4 support as well (to talk to the PN-60w device)? Is that Zigbee compatible? Can we talk to the device from another 802.15.4 device, or via a simple bluetooth serial profile (for microcontrollers).

  46. There are two versions of the inReach that will be available. One will work with the PN-60w, the other with Android devices via Bluetooth.

  47. Thanks for the reply.
    Any clue as to getting third party access to the device via bluetooth or 802.15.4? We have a whole team of people that would be more than willing to dig into one of these units and figure out how to get a microcontroller to send/receive telemetry via this device. There is a market for cheap (less than $400) satellite messaging hardware that can be talked to with a microcontroller.

  48. Will the inReach be purchaseable from outside the us?
    If not, how will the monthly fee be paid?
    I’m asking because I might get the actual device from a friend in the states if it isn’t available elsewhere, but if the monthly fees can’t be paid with paypal or other international payment methods, owning the device outside the states would be useless.

  49. What is the min interval between sending 2 positions? I see 10 minutes on the product site, and 2 here. Would love to have 2 minutes or even below…

  50. Chip,
    My company is interested in using inReach for Sat/GPS communication for crisis management purposes. Being that smartphone hardware upgrades yearly, would inReach be able to be used during these hardware upgrades? Is inReach available for BlackBerries in the near future?


  51. In addition will you able to text to Sat Phones within the plan? Or would you have to log onto the website to do that. We are interested in this if we loose phone commucation including cell phones and need to use Sat

  52. Hi, I have a PN 60 and I use an Android Sony Xperia x10 phone, will your application for the android phone work on my phone? Also I am considering an android tablet will the app work on a tablet too?

    Love the PN 60 though I have just had it less than 12hrs…

  53. I notice that rechargeable batteries are “not supported” with the inReach. Does that mean they won’t work, or that the device has no capability to recharge them?

  54. Paul,
    As a potentially life-saving device, the inReach needs to meet battery life requirements. While rechargeables may power the device, they haven’t performed as we would like and we can’t officially support them.

    There is no charging capability.

    Mike McKenney
    Team DeLorme

  55. Al,

    Our app will work on any Android 2.1 or later device, including tablets.

    Mike McKenney
    Team DeLorme

  56. Thanks, Mike. That answers my question. I’ll be doing my own research on battery life. The new Eneloop XX version has raised the bar for rechargeables.

  57. I own a Spot Messenger and have noticed that with my Garmin Rhino in close proximity the messages do not get through. GPS interference ? Does the In-reach have a similar interference from other GPS units?

  58. Fred,
    We have been testing the inReach with our PN-60w side-by-side and haven’t seen any evidence of interference. I can’t speak to other GPS devices.

    Mike McKenney
    Team DeLorme

  59. Do GPSr now transmit data? If they don’t how would they cause an intererence? I am confused now; well maybe that is normal🙂

  60. I am confused about the return messaging service. In order to receive messages (other than the sos reply), must the message come from another inReach subscriber, or can it be from anyone else? Will it have to be via email, or may it be sms? Please explain the 2-way funcition a little more.

  61. Greatly looking forward to these devices, and would like to buy one to test in the upcoming China Cup race at the end of October. Would I be pushing my luck to ask if you know WHEN in October this would be available?

  62. Bruce,

    There are several ways to someone can send/reply to the inReach. First, another inReach user can send a message via a unique address every account owner has. Second is via email/internet. Messages that arrive via email have a link to show where the inReach user is located and to type a reply. There’s also the MapShare page (a live map showing the inReach location over a period of time) that has a ‘Send a message’ option as well. Finally, messages received via SMS can be replied to directly.

    To recap: Other inReach owners and anyone with either internet or SMS access can send messages to an inReach.

  63. Michael,

    The best I can tell you is to keep an eye out here on the blog or perhaps our twitter account: @DeLormeGPS. We’ll post when they’re available for immediate shipping. Retail stores will also have them around the same time so that might work better for you. Hopefully you are able to get one in time but I can’t make a promise of a specific date right now.

    Mike McKenney
    Team DeLorme

  64. Whereas I’m in a plane or vehicle or whatever, the external power supply is a must as 7 days of tracking is not long enough.
    If the external power supply can recharge batteries at the same time that would be great, but not a must.

    – >Basically, I’m expecting the InReach to function a bit like a walkie-talkie: when you put it in its cradlle, it works on external power and charge batteries. When you take it out of its craddle, it switch automatically to external power.
    If you could build something like this I think you would have a killer product.

    I’m an apple user, but with the craddle/external power thing I would buy the inreach as standalone device in an heartbeat,

  65. I purchased a pn 60 after a big night in Vegas and by the time i made it home to Australia i found all the north American maps , would like to know how to download maps or maybe a card suitable for Aus fishing

  66. If I bought the Android compatible inreach device, would I be able to use that same device with the iPhone if/when an iPhone app was created? Or would I have to purchase a whole other inreach device in order to work with the iPhone?

    Also, would there be any issues with using the inreach with an android phone that is inactive? I recently changed to an iPhone, but still have my old android w/o an active line that I could use with the inreach if that would work.


  67. J,

    The inReach will certainly work with an Android that doesn’t have carrier service. As long as your Android is running at least OS 2.1, you’re all set.

    Mike McKenney
    Team DeLorme

  68. Thanks Mike…..

    Any input regarding the iPhone question that I posed in the first part of my original post?

  69. I’m sorry but I don’t have any information about iPhone support and I’m hesitant to offer advice. If you want an inReach now and will be happy using it with your Android, then go for it. Otherwise, it’s up to you to decide to wait or not.

    Mike McKenney
    Team DeLorme

  70. Set of questions:
    1. Do you plan to sell InReach in Europe?
    2. If not, do you allow for private import to the Europe?

  71. I just got an email from DeLorme asking me, basically, if I prefer to cancel my order because … the InReach can’t be activated with a non-US credit card. They will ship it outside the states, but the service plan requires — as of now- – to have a US-based credit card billing address.

    I hope this is not the end of the story for all customers outside the US: otherwise, South-America, Europe, Asia, Africa has to go with Spot?

    The email I got was kind of optimistic (“we are still reviewing the issue from our end but currently as it stands we can only accept a Service Plan on a US or Canadian Credit Card”), and I appreciate the fact DeLorme offered me to cancel the order, but nonetheless … I hope you find a way to get it working.


  72. (Postscriptum)

    The special DeLorme InReach website is built to list different options and service plans for US — Canada — Other Countries.

    So, there is hope?

    Thanks again for listening!

  73. Bill, they explained why they need to start with the Android. I’m hearing too much whining from us Apple users—they’ll get to iOS when they get to it.

    That said, I would suggest to Chip, et al, that if the percentage of iPhone users “out in the field” is substantially greater than other OSs—example: 10% of 50 million > 4% of 80 million—then the demographics may well support an expedited iOS support.

  74. Latest Update:

    DeLorme does send inReach to Europe and does provide service plans for customers with non-US based credit cards!

    Got my inReach on Friday, and had my first treck in Italy on Sunday. Everything is working fine!

    Thank you, DeLorme!

  75. They cancel my order for 14 days ago since I did not have an adress in US, for the service plan. Can you confirm that this policy is changed?

  76. It definitely changed – Kurt Ringrose from DeLorme wrote me on November 17: ” At this time, we will not hold up anymore International Orders. Please visit and just place your order again and we will send that right out…”

    I now have the device in my hands – works perfectly, even setting up the service plan with a non-US credit card wasn’t a problem. I’ve written about my VERY positive first impressions at

    You’re welcome!

  77. Thanks for the info and your short review. I really look forward to try this device my self.

  78. “In conjunction with the DeLorme maps, the Android’s native GPS will display user location”- Does this mean that when I want to know where I’m at, or where I’m heading, I am dependent on my (Android) phone’s GPS???

  79. Would be interested if there is IOS support. Really don’t understand the lack of support.

  80. IOS has limited support for 3rd party hardware making it far more difficult and costly to program for than any of the other OS choices (try finding an external bluetooth keyboard for your iphone/ipad). Since IOS makes it very hard for external bluetooth devices like the Delorme inReach to work with it Apples policies and lack of 3rd party integration are the reason for the delay in IOS support. It is not Delormes fault its aples fault so if you want your apple products to support cutting edge equipment in the future you would be best to vocalize your concern with Apple so that they start integrating with other hardware vendors.

  81. Lask of IOS support is caused by IOS’s lack of support for 3rd party hardware. IOS doesn’t support external bluetooth input/output devices like keyboards (unless you hack the device to remove apples imposed limitations that they purposely added to IOS).

    In order to get the inReach to work with IOS they have to get/write/develope and get approved support for bluetooth connected hardare. Once they get proper bluetooth support in IOS I’m sure they will port their app to IOS.

    If apple added/included 3rd party hardwrae bluetooth support there probably wouldn’t have been a delay in getting IOS support.

  82. Have you done any work with the In reach device with any Fire Departments in USA yet? As a Fire Captain in a wildland Fire setting this device could prove a valuable tool. If you are looking for some field testing of your product in a Fire/Emergency service setting please let me know.

  83. Chip, you mention “Tracking intervals can go as high as a message every 2 minutes and as low as a message every 4 hours.”. The lowest interval I can see in my inReach/PN-60w setup is 10 minutes. Is there an option I am missing for 2 min tracking intervals?

  84. RE: Kevin comments,
    This is in response to Kevin’s misinformed IOS comments, obviously he doesn’t own a IOS device because his rant that IOS devices don’t support Bluetooth peripherals is absolutely wrong. As I’m typing this on a Bluetooth keyboard connected via Bluetooth to my iPad, that has NOT been HACKED. Apple’s guidelines for interface with other Bluetooth peripherals are there for a good reason. By the way, all of my IOS devices totally interfaces with my auto’s(a Peugeot COL) stereo via Bluetooth.

    Lea Bea

  85. What is the current expectation as to iOS 5 iPhone compatibility?

  86. Curious if there is any luck with the new Delorme InReach firmware which will enable its GPS receiver to be used on the Android?
    The phone GPS receiver is useless in difficult places and it drains the battery very rapidly. Be nice to not have to bring a phone, InReach, and a separate GPS unit out in the country.

  87. The difference is a closed proprietary OS (Apple) vs an open source, well documented, easy to develop on OS ( Android). This is why new Android devices are far outstripping new IOS devices – sorry Apple.

  88. When using inreach by itself, is it possible to configure it to send location data and messages to an email address? Is it possible to send an email to it to request it to respond with its current location?


  89. You can set pre-defined messages via sms or email and send them with the unit itself. There is no sms or email gateway for sending from the Internet to the InReach. The only way you can send to InReach from the outside is via the web portal.

    Guys… Any plans to plug in an Internet Gateway, maybe with a whitelist to allow only certain sms or email sources through??

    This feature would be an extremely useful feature for me with server notifications and monitoring.

  90. Thanks so much for the new iPhone connectivity! I have been waiting for this . . . I KNEW that it was just a matter of time. I’ll be ordering mine this weekend!!

  91. I have a couple of questions that are obvious to any inReach owners.

    1) When in tracking mode, could the device send the position message to an email address in addition to the web site?

    2) Tracking frequency can be set to 2 minutes while moving. Can tracking be set to 15 minutes while stationary (other than the default 4 hours)?

  92. Vu Dang, thank you for the questions. Our tracking feature only sends updates to the Map Share page, you would need to share that page with the e-mail recipient you were hoping to send track points. I’m guessing you have some unique use case in mind since we haven’t heard too many people that want to receive an e-mail every 10 minutes while someone they know is out on a hike. Share more details and I might be able to brainstorm a solution with you. The tracking interval for our consumer products is capped at 10 minutes. There was some speculation about a higher interval a while back however the desire for unlimited tracking outweighed the interest in a higher frequency of track messages. You can adjust the tracking to 10 minutes, 30 minutes, 1 hour, 2 hours, or 4 hours. Thank you, Chip

  93. Am I thinking right .. to belive the predefined messaging is unlimited in the $25a mo plan .. would prefer to find out now rather than latter.

  94. Ron,

    That is correct. The Recreation ($24.95/month) plan includes unlimited predefined messages.

    Mike McKenney

  95. If Delorme is considering supporting (and selling) a cigarette lighter power cable for the inReach, please also consider supporting input voltages up to 28V. This is for use with aircraft with 24/28V systems (older airplanes typically have a 12/14V system, like almost every automobile). And something as well built as the inReach, not something I would be worried might catch fire at 14,000 feet in an aircraft.

    I’m quite happy with my inReach (smartphone model with iOS support, which is one way I use it).

    I would also like to see some way to get better than 10 minute updates – with no wind in a Piper Arrow, I can cover 27.4 statute miles in the ten minutes between tracking messages. That’s a lot of distance. Even in a car at the highest US speed limit (75 MPH), that’s 12.5 miles – but at that speed, those are usually on defined roads.

    I also vote for an API which will return the most recent trackpoint, at a minimum.

    Also, a way on the Mapshare to have more than one password, for more than one class of user. I would rather not let anyone but a small subset of people be able to send me a message.

    Great product. I’ve been a Delorme fan since MapExpert 2.0 and the software add-on that allowed GPS position overlay on the maps. That would have been around 1995 or so.

  96. I totally agree with lower intervalls and API. In the moment these 2 things are implemented/changed im buying one (and also would implement a WordPress Plugin for Delorme🙂

    a 10 mins. intervall renders the unit useless for my applications.

  97. I would really like to see a way to hook to an external antenna like you can with a satellite radio, for example, for times when you are indoors in remote areas. I love the idea of being able to communicate from the remote mountain area where I live, but hate having to go outside to find a signal. Any chance that the device could be plugged in to a larger, external antenna? Ditto the idea of having a charging base! I own the device, but would get a ton more utility out of it if it could be on all the time, inside as well as when I leave base camp.

  98. Hi, I just purchased an InReach for an upcoming motorcycle trip I am doing with a few friends in South Africa. We did this trip in 4X4’s last year and was recently contacted here in the US to see if I would like to participate in a Desert trip through Namibia. Sounds like an absolute ball… But I have three kids and a nervous wife so the InReach sounded perfect for them to track us and for us to also have a little bit of emergency back up as only about 20 percent of the trip will be in mobile range at most. I am keen to find out if there is any thing out there I should know about Africa and InReach and if there are topo Maps and software I can use while on the trip ( no internet ) .. so all the base maps on a small laptop or ipad mini or something like that. Just exploring options at this point.

    Hope you can Help.

  99. Anthony,

    For maps, you can download topo maps via our Earthmate app which is available on iOS and Android devices. An iPad mini would be perfect and would give you not only maps but a nice big keyboard for messaging. I’m not sure how detailed the maps are for your intended location but the app and maps are free with your purchase of the inReach, so check it out soon.

    As far as what else to know about Africa and the inReach, the only advice I can think of is to contact GEOS, the company that handles SOS via the inReach, to make sure you have any additional insurance you may want. Out of the box you have SOS coverage but they offer additional features.

    I hope that helps!

    Mike McKenney

  100. Hi, I am not US or EU based. However, I have a US credit card (Bank of America) but the billing address is not in US or EU. Can I buy a evice and a service plan and use it?

  101. you can buy it from the Israeli distributor “nova communication”

  102. Good morning,
    Is it possible to buy this device based in France with a British credit card, for use ocean wide?

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