inReach Testimonial…

Normally I’d caution you about a testimonial from a product manager when the subject is their own product. Of course I’m going to tell you how cool the inReach is (and trust me, it is!) but I’m far from impartial from where I sit here at DeLorme. Well the facts behind this testimonial are straight forward and can’t be manipulated with Photoshop, voice over, or video editing so you can feel safe reading further…

First some background – DeLorme had a great opportunity to send two of our inReach devices to San Diego for an evaluation with a well connected yachtsman from Maine who is currently sailing on the 60 foot trimaran LoeReal. The LoeReal is the fastest ocean racer on the west coast, an ORMA 60 style tri that was actually built as a prop for the movie Waterworld staring Kevin Costner.

2012 Vallarta Race - Day 2 Starts
(Photo courtesy of Bob Betancourt and SDYCSailing on Flickr)

The boat and her crew are racing in the San Diego Yacht Club’s 2012 Puerto Vallarta Regatta and are currently poised to be the first to cross the finish line some time tomorrow! The LoeReal has been tracking her location with points being sent to the LoeReal Sailing MapShare website every 10 minutes since they started last Friday. The following screenshot was taken from their MapShare page shortly after the start of the race.

The crew has also been using the device to update their Twitter account with posts throughout the trip.

Many fast miles since yesterday 500done moon is brite wind easing 1200-6

Sunshine glassy pacific ocean boatspeed 6knots on rhumb line 275miles to finish in pv mx team loereal moving along just fine in drifting conditions cheers

Moonlight bright tonight 200 miles to barn been fast 4 last few hours

So why is this a product manager’s testimonial you ask? Good question, allow me to continue… prior to starting the race I asked our yachtsman to send me some photos of the LoeReal sailing in crystal waters under blue skies in sunny California while I was shoveling my driveway here in wintery Maine. Our marketing department liked the photos and wanted to use them in a Facebook post but needed me to verify permission with the owner… who at the time was 55 nautical miles off the coast of Cabo San Lucas with 302 nm left in his race before reaching the finish line and shore in Puerto Vallarta!

Fortunately the LoeReal was inReach! …and yes, I’ve been waiting this entire project for a chance to use that line.

I sent a message using the LoeReal MapShare page and had my answer within 10 minutes along with an additional link for more photos!

2012-03-05 10:06:04 – Marketing is requesting permission to use the photos you sent me in a Facebook post about your race. Do you approve? We’ll be sure to give credit!

2012-03-05 10:18:00 – Use pix 4 sure see www.<clipped>.com he may give u 1or 3pix fr start

The ability to check in with a user during their product evaluation when they would otherwise be out of communication – I can’t think of a better testimonial for the inReach and Iridium’s satellite communications!

And now, here are some additional photos taken during the team’s practice runs in San Diego last week – with permission from Cameron Lewis and the rest of the crew on the sailboat LoeReal.

Be sure to check out the LoeReal Sailing MapShare page and send Cameron Lewis a message. I can’t guarantee how responsive he will be since they are nearing the end of the race and could be pretty busy handling the boat. Last updates from the team were that they would be finishing Tuesday night.

Here’s to fair winds and following seas for the LoeReal and her crew, safe travels to the finish line of the Puerto Vallarta Regatta!

Chip Noble
Product Manager

One Comment on “inReach Testimonial…

  1. EXACTLY what I need! I am going on a sailing voyage July 2012 circumnavigating Vancouver CA on a 47′ Yawl. The aria is very remote and this would be perfect for communications and emergencies. The crew will all be the geriatric crowd so having the ability to get emergency medical is paramount.
    How do I get one???

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