Eric needs some Holiday Cheer at the South Pole!

Okay folks, I understand that it’s Christmas Eve and everyone is busy with last minute preparations and visiting with family and friends. I’m headed to a family gathering in a little while myself. I wanted to take a few minutes and ask all of the tech gurus, outdoor adventurers, weekend warriors, and other readers of this blog to help me send some holiday cheer to a good friend of mine who is a long way from home this Christmas.

Eric Larsen, polar explorer, outdoor adventure, and self proclaimed ordinary guy is in the middle of an extra-ordinary journey to the South Pole… by bicycle!

Eric Larsen

You can read all about his Cycle South Expedition and even follow along with his daily blog posts and real time map tracking. His blog posts are incredibly descriptive and bring you as close as you can get to the ice while sitting warm in your house at your computer.

Eric MapShare

His map is not quite as exciting but I think it perfectly conveys what Eric is experiencing… a long trek over flat terrain with few if any features to break up the monotony of cycling between rest breaks. The following photo is courtesy of Eric’s recent blog post and shows the vast white scenery that is weighing on him both physically and mentally.


You will see from his recent post that he’s in the middle of some tough conditions with high winds and drifting snow. Reading further you’ll see the mental challenges Eric is facing as he approaches Christmas away from his family and new born son Merritt. I’ve never undertaken a challenge as difficult as the one Eric is facing but I do have two little girls at home and have been away enough to know how that can weigh you down when you’ve got nothing but miles in front of you to think about how far away you are from home.

My request to everyone that is reading this post is for you to take a minute and visit Eric’s site to wish him Happy Holidays, Merry Christmas, or just good luck!

Write a comment on his latest blog post or like his latest Facebook Post.

After you do that share the link with all of your outdoor enthusiast friends that might also want to send Eric well wishes.

Eric is staying in touch with people back home and I’d love for him to get a Christmas update that shared how many people visited his website to wish him well. He has a solid base of followers but I’d like to see a spike of holiday cheer and positive energy headed to the South Pole to let him know that we’re thinking of him and wishing him well.

Eric Map

Let’s all hope for a tailwind and hard packed snow to carry Eric across the remaining 600 miles of his journey!

Thank you all for helping to bring some holiday cheer to the South Pole for Eric. Happy holidays to all of you as well!

Take care,
Chip Noble
Team DeLorme

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