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We’ve had a great response to our blog post announcing the DeLorme inReach. I’ve been trying to answer all the questions in the comments area but thought I’d organize those responses so that readers don’t need to sort through such a long list of exchanges. Thank you all for your questions, please read through the information in this follow-up post and feel free to comment with any additional questions you might have!… Read More

UPDATE 6/7/2011: See DeLorme inReach: Question and Answer… for comment response summary and updated details. After a long winter of forced silence I’ve finally been given the nod to share a sneak peek at our latest development efforts here at DeLorme. We’re very excited about our new partnership with Iridium and we’re even more excited to announce the DeLorme® inReach™! We’ll be bringing this unique two-way satellite GPS communicator to market later… Read More