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DeLorme inReach – two-way satellite communication

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  1. I have heard that many of the handheld GPS units will loose the sat signal under trees. I do understand that in a tunnel it will loose the sat signal, but if I get one I want to use it in heavily wooded areas.


  2. We’re using STMicro’s Cartesio chipset, it is very powerful and has performed very well in all types of tree cover. I’ve done quite a bit of testing in heavily wooded areas and am confident that you will have a good experience. We stand behind our products with a 30 day money back guarantee too so please, don’t hesitate to put the device to the test.

    Chip Noble

  3. I’ve brought my laptop and my LT-20 with me on a cruise around Cape Horn. Since arriving in Chile I have not been able to capture a GPS signal. I am using Windows XP and have downloaded your suggested serial emulator.

    Is there something in your software that restricts access to GPS data in the southern latitudes?

    Do you have any suggestion on fixing this?


  4. So is it all about U.S.A. maps or is it possible to get maps for Canadian residents?

  5. A new question for the group.
    I have GPS data from a friends bike ride.

    I would like to modify his data to change the route.. THEN upload to a product (perhaps Delorme product) and be able to print out 8X10 maps or strip maps of the new route

    Anyone give me any tips on editing the fields… then uploading and printing ?

    Dave B

  6. Is there any programs, or anyway to put Iraq maps on my PN-20 and track with them while I am driving here? Any help would be great!

  7. i am a pilot. can i use an lt 20 for other software programs such as flight prep? I have not been able to find specs on the lt-20

  8. Important operational note for PN-40 users:
    PLEASE BE ADVISED for cold weather use, Alkaline batteries have a VERY short life. Lithium batteies should be considered for exclusive use only. (It was challenging to find my way back to a night kayak launch point in Maine in January sans GPS!)

  9. Thanks for the notice Bob. I was once able to stretch more life out of some batteries by warming them in my palm in my glove, which bought me some more GPS time. Certainly wish I just had more/better batteries on me.


  10. Great Service!! Easy to do business with.– My new PN_40 died, no questions, new unit being sent asap, even before the return of dead unit

  11. My new computer has Windows Vista 64 bit, I can’t get my LT-20 to work. I just bought Street Atlas 2009 plus.

  12. I just received a pn-40 with topo usa 8.0 and am looking for other users in the Glenwood Springs, Colorado area. Since 1992 I have been a Garmin customer and used gps’s for sailing, mapping, biking, hiking, etc. I would like to find someone else in the area using the pn-40 to help familiarize me with all of its’ features. Thanks, Markle

  13. I just bought a brand new pn-40 today at Bass Pro (still in the box). I bought it for geocacing and want the most up to date maps. I spent about $200 more than I planned on when I walked into the store and the last thing I want is to spend more right away on updated maps. I have not even opened the box yet and I’m thinking about taking it back tomorrow and looking around for a store selling a newer version. I can’t quite get whether delorme will give a comp update if you bought old software or if they will charge. Anyone know?

  14. What I forgot to say is it came with 7.0 and I see there is a 8.0.

  15. Ok took my brand new pn-40 out of the box installed batteries, turned it on and hour and hour ago and I’m still waiting for a fix. It is on my deck on a clear night, I can see the stars. I get 2 satilites but no more. Took it to the middle ofdeck andsat straight up and down. No luck. Any clues? Very disappointed so far😦

  16. Yes you will need to pay a small fee( $9.95) to get the new release of Topo 8.0. You will get a $40.00 coupon to use to download maps from DeLorme

  17. Tech Types,

    Did you folks ever notice that at least the last 3 editions of your Street Atlas Programs will get a notion of what route should be used, and will take you 70 or 80 miles out of the way (West Virginia mountains versus Interstate Highway System).
    In Iowa, it refuses to cross a bridge on highway 18 just east of I-35.
    In California, by reversing a route, takes the Pacific Coast Highway (Cal Hiway 1) instead of Interstate 5, and prefers US 99 over Interstate 5.

    I tried the Bill Gates Microsoft Streets & Trips, but handling the trip lay out with it was like changing a squirming dirty diapered baby while wearing boxing gloves. The Street Atlas series is, in my opinion, is way better, even with the quirks that are built in. I bought a Tom-Tom to use in the Carolinas with a rented car, and, although it is very good at what it does, it too gets an idea of what is the most direct route, no matter how much interstate highway it has to bypass to take me where it wants to go.

    I believe my first SA 6 was easier to handle. It seemed to be more intuitive with routing. When a Start, Way Points and a Finish were set, I seems that it wanted to take the shortest if that’s what you asked for, or the fastest if that’s what we wanted and I don’t remember needing to check and make adjustments to keep from being taken off course. I’ve noticed that most of the new applications appear to be much more ‘feature oriented’ than being ‘ease of use oriented’. It seems most new software, is less user friendly than the older applications, and as we upgrade our equipment, we have little choice in these matters because the older software won’t work on the newer machines.

    Please, Street Atlas Programmers, go back to see what made the earliest programs so much more intuitive to use. I know they didn’t have all the ‘features’ that the newer editions have, but I feel that most of us use these GPS programs and devices to get from Point Beginning to Point End with a stops at some attractions along the way, and to keep from getting lost in the ‘Valley of the Shadow of Trucks that obscure exit and route change signs.

    Don’t get me wrong, I do like your products. I’ve been using them since the mid 90s, but feel that the user friendliness of them is getting less and less with each succeeding upgrade. I do like the new transponder. It is able to sense satellites inside my home as long as I’m close to a window, a feat that the older versions were unable to accomplish. We found it was on the spot for guidance in those Valleys of the Shadows of Trucks, in rain, ( our first one would loose contact with reality in the rain or heavy clouds), heavy clouds and mountainous terrain didn’t bother it either.

    Thanks for the forum,

    Dale 🙂

  18. I just purchased a PN-40. Can somebody tell me if I download Topo USA
    on my desktop computer, if I will also be able to do download it on my laptop
    computer after I would have already registered it for the desktop?

  19. I am looking at next-generation hand held GPS units – spacifically a unit that can display GIS information derived from data encoded in SVG file format – see SVGWeb – google. As I understand this format supports GIS layering and customization.

  20. I am switching to Windows 7. Is Street Atlas 2010 a 64 bit application?

  21. I wish to purchase my first GPS and have narrowed the selection down to two products. The PN-40 verses the Garmin 60 CXS. My main activity will be hunting in Va. Jefferson National Forest. I will use topo and like the ability to switch to aerial. I’m aware that the 60 CXS does not offer aerial and was wondering if any of you have experience with both units and how they compare.

  22. I also am running Windows Vista 64 bit.
    Delorme support answers:
    “We do not have a 64-bit emulator in development at this time. We suggest you use a different GPS for this purpose in the meantime.”

  23. Please provide an option for larger vehicles. I used your software to go through MA last week and I was sent through several low underpasses. If I had my camper on that route I would have had a lot of trouble.

    Thank you.

  24. I have used Topo USA v8 on Vista, Windows 7, and Windows 7 x64, without any problems. I wouldn’t expect any issues with SA2010.

    To the best of my knowledge, SA2010 is not a “64 bit” application; but because you can run 32 bit apps on 64-bit OS’s, it’s not an issue. You just can’t run 64 bit apps on a 32 bit system.

  25. I have been a user of street atlas for a long time, I have not been been real happy with any of the versions since Version 9.0, you took out the classic view which made it very easy to use. You also took out the ease of editing a overlay file, in version 9 if you wanted to make a change in the object or line all you had to do was right click on the object, then you could change its properties, delete the object, move it in position, ect. this fuctionality is now gone. You have added to much glit and glitter to the program, making it hard to use. If i wanted a mobile gps i would buy a garmin.

  26. Yes, I agree with you. I have not been pleased with some of the functions taking over on Street Altas 2010. Since we did a lot of travelling this winrter. I liked the updates but preferred using 2009. We had trouble also with our Earthmate GPS BT-20 not receiving a signal the last two days we were out.

  27. I just installed 2010 with the LT40 on my HP laptop running Win 7, Home Premium at 64 bit. I’ve had no problem except it took a great while to first “see” the GPS sensor from inside my house.

    I haven’t had any luck getting the sensor to work with my 2009 MS Streets and Trips. It’s disappointing to see the lack of driver updates, but there is only so much developers can do in a timely manner.

  28. I am disapointed that Delorme did not produce a fix for windows 7 . The only way one can use the map program is to buy the newest version. It reminds me of how microsoft gives you a run around when their hard ware stops working. ( trips and streets )

  29. I have not had any issues with windows 7 laptop with the pn40 gps with my gps version 9 or 8 and I use it every day. I lost the disk for 9 and got a new computer so i went back to 2008 street atlas. the bigest grip I have is there was no way to change the car size in 9 in 3 D view. I have been a delorme user since 96.

  30. The PN 60w is only produced in black. With my experience in Florida I know that a black PN dropped on black muck may be lost. I have found my yellow PN 20 and orange PN 40 after losing them over the side of my kayak but the PN 60w? I have some 3M reflective tape to add to the new PN 60w to help retrieve it. Any better ideas??

  31. i just bought a pn60 with spot. i use the gps allot for way points. this one seems hard to follow compaired to my garmin. is there a easy follow screen like a big arrow that shows the direction like the garmen.

  32. Topo 9 disappoints because base map for Apache Sitgreaves Forest in Arizona remains 30 to 40 years out of date. Highway was renumbered from AZ 73 to AZ 260 in the seventies. Railroad shown was torn up about the same time. Forest Service has rerouted some roads.

  33. I used to use a spot but gave up on it because of its unreliability in the white mountains in NH. It would not function under ANY tree canopy. I bought it because I do a lot of solo hiking and safety became an issue after a random fall on a not so often used trail in the Pemigewasset Wilderness. I used it a few times but gave up on it when no signals transmitted during a ten mile section under a canopy of trees. I now use it as a paper weight. Oh yeah, make sure you can get a refund of the subscription. I tried and they said flat out “NO”. Good luck with your paper weight!!!

  34. I just loaded TOPO 9 on my HP desktop which already runs TOPO 7 with no problems. TOPO 9 will not get past the “Completing Connections” stage on the startup window. What’s wrong? Any ideas?

  35. I’ve been having a VERY HARD time with my PN-60 when hiking. It generally has the speed as being too high and the mileage is usually off (For example, It had me down for 5.9 miles, which was correct, but it was for 1hr. 40 min. with the PN-60 saying an average of 5.3 mph. hiking speed, which was wrong.) . This is when hiking in rather dense forest in Bloomington, IN.
    The store I purchased it from his given me a couple more days (till 5/23/11) to decide whether I want to keep it.
    I’m considering trading it in for a Garmin GPSMAP 76CSx. What’s your opinion about my PN-60 problem and about the PN-60 vs. the Garmin GPSMAP76CSx? I hope to hear from someone soon. Take care. Darwin

  36. Another iphone vote from a paraglider pilot.

  37. OK, the series Topo USA 9.0 topo won’t work with my PN-20. I hope the “Topo USA 8.0 East Region” will because I just ordered it. I bought the PN-20 for $499 on “special” the week it came out and I like it. It takes up to 1/2 hour to find and lock onto satellites, but knowing that I just turn it on a half hour before I need it.

    If it won’t work on the PN-20 I’ll just use it on my laptop.

  38. I agree ….DeLorme needs stable iPhone platform … two way comms very flaky with Android and I suspect it because so many versions in the open Android system ?
    I tried V2.2 and V2.3 (as recommended) and while Bluetooth recognises the In-Reach device it won’t connect and communicate with it. .. VERY disappointing !!

  39. I am a Maine Guide and do alot of Backcountry Snowmobiling on the Allagash Wilderness Waterway. I have heard that De Lorme is coming out with a new GPS unit with a larger screen. Having a better view of the topo would be a great asset. When will this unit be avaliable?

  40. On back-country ski tours, I like to keep the PN-60 in the breast pocket of my jacket. Even lithium ion batteries have temperature limitations–so when your drinking water starts to get chunky, electronics get clunky. Keep it warm. I rarely lose sat signal under a layer or two of clothing.

    Another tip for managing power at night: leave the back light off until you need it. Use the GPS in lieu of a compass to get your exact location and pick a spot far ahead– tree, terrain feature, coastline..etc–and make weigh for that spot. You’ll also enjoy the night a little more when your night vision isn’t compromised by staring at a screen.

  41. With the PN-60w being in circulation for over 2 years now…I am very hesitant to purchase this device to use with the inReach as I am wondering the same thing about a new GPS coming out soon.
    Why would I want to buy 2yr old device, not knowing if it will be obsolete like the pn20 & pn40 are in a few short years? I just want assurances or a statement from delorme that a purchase of a pn-60w now would be supported in future Topo software or firmware updates.


  42. Do you know of any Alaska Air Taxi’s using this product. The 2 – way communcations feature is very interesting

  43. This is the coolest device around. The inReach works inside the cockpit of a Beech 1900D (with anti-ice windshields), and also in my living room, where the only viable aspect is to the south thru a ceiling-floor window. I am at 62° North. It worked at Gjoa Haven, Nunavut, Canada also, at -35°C. Remarkable!

  44. You can use the best chipset in the world but if you do not get the reception it is worthless. The most important factor here is having a good performing antenna!

  45. My brother’s boom broke on his sailboat today. He could have texted a friend for help if his inReach worked. But it doesn’t. He and his wife had to paddle their sailboat back to land. I had to send mine back as soon as I got it because of a bad button. His doesn’t work, I’m not sure why but it seems to have something to do with owning 2 units on the same account. He can’t enter contacts and his messages don’t go through. I can see he sent them when I check my account, but they don’t get delivered. So I have made payments for months and have had about 1 month usable service on 1 of my 2 units. Hopefully customer service can help.

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